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We are an empty nest couple living northwest of Atlanta, Georgia. This is our family website. We welcome you to browse to your heart's content.

The two pictures above are us in our most comfortable environments... First on the pier in St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles with our cruise ship, the Oasis of the Seas in the background.   Secondly, at home on our oasis at home, our back porch.

First, take a look at our menu on the right. This is the portal to what we like to do in our spare time, what spare time we have these days.
Here's a few quotes to remember...

"Being nice to other people is like peeing in your pants.  Everyone else can see what you did but only you feel the warmth of the consequences."
Neil Boortz

"Some people are like slinkies - not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs."

"If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem."
Unknown Husband

Latest News...

Updated on: Monday September 19, 2016 @ 1:45 pm EDT

Caribbean Chill is Available on Amazon Both in Print an eBook.

Caribbean Chill Cover

Caribbean Chill is a continuation of Dane and Hugo's exploits just after thier wild time in the Amazon. I have also started the third book in the Dane Skoglund Trilogy, with a working name of Gravity Peril, but the guys will carry on thier lust for adventure in another part of the world, this time off of the water, almost.

Remember, if you want a signed copy of any of my books, email me at ron@ron-smoak-books.com. It will be a tad bit more expensive (I have to cover shipping costs as well.) But just a few bucks more. We are also going to schedule a few book signings to give everyone a chance to to get a signed book as well.

After that this trilogy, I am considering several ideas but will probably delve into my all time favorite genre, science fiction. At least there I don't have to do much research to nail down ideas and stuff... I can just make them up!

Cruising Again!

Since our last updates, Lee and I have completed threeo more cruises and become Diamond Level Cruisers on Royal Caribbean!! We first traveled with my friend from the cigar bar, Butch and his wife Lynette in October of 2014. The Western Caribbean was our destination! We sailed on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas, the same ship we sailed on several years ago. It is the third largest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet and is a beautiful ship to spend a week on.

This past May, Lee and I did something completely different. We travelled alone as a couple again on the Allure of the Seas! It was the first time in years since we had sailed alone. It was fantastic! The Main show was ABBA's Mama Mia. This was the best Mama Mia show ever! It was better that both traveling broadway shows we have seen in Atlanta, by far!

And we also had another first! We booked a cruise on board and got it for half price, after our new Diamond discount and a few other nifty discounts. What's even better is that this booking is abord the Oasis of the Seas which is moving to Port canaveral late in 2016. Sweet!

What... Another Vacation?

Yeppers, Lee and I are back at sea in May of 2017. We will be cruising the Caribbean on the Harmony of the Seas! The Harmony is the largest cruise ship in the world! We believe this will be our best cruise yet!

More Shameless Plugs!

ICE, Maxwell's Cigar Bar, MadLife and TheSalt Factory

With the City of Woodstock growing and developing, we have a new downtown that is bustling and vibrant. With the addition of ICE, a Martini and Sushi Bar and our new favorite place, Maxwell's Cigar Bar , our neighbor's place, , MadLife , and , The Salt Factory , we find ourselves in Woodstock several times a week.

Go to Ice for their fantastic sushi. Nicki is the sushi chef. He is incredible. Challenge him to make you something very nice. He will astound you! Don't care for sushi? Ask Dawson to whip up a few of his non-sushi tapas-type plates. The Stuffed Meatballs are out of this world! Everything else is great as well!

Maxwell's Cigar Bar

Over at Maxwell's, Harvey the owner, has brought in a very nice cigar and pipe smoking venue that while cozy, is known for it's weekly live entertainment highlighting local talent. Stop by on Friday or Saturday night and see some of the best live entertainment in Georgia. AND, it's free! No cover!

Nothing like soothing sounds of the past while sipping wine or a cold beer. And for those who wish, Harvey has a array of on-site climate controlled, humidified lockers to store your favorite cigars or your favorite fine brandy, scotch or bourbon. Come on over to Woodstock when you have a chance and check it out along with several other fine restaurants and shops within walking distance!

One last hint... Remember I work there three days a week.


MadLife is Woodstock's first and only bar, restaurant, recording studio and entertainment venue. The owner is one of our BridgeMill neighbors and he and his family have created a huge go-to live music venue in the heart of Woodstock.

The Salt Tavern

The newest restaurant in Downtown Woodstock is The Salt Tavern. Now this is one very nice place to get a bite to eat. Their bar runs the length of the room and the bartenders are wonderful. The owners have created a changing menu that will have you screaming for more. From appetizers to entres, the food here is the best in town!

Alpha Threat is Still Selling Well!

After more than a year, my book, Alpha Threat is still selling well. Now in both ebookand paperback form on Amazon and available for you to order. Just go to here to purchase the print version of my first novel.

If you want a signed copy, email me at ron@ron-smoak-books.com. It will be a tad bit more expensive (I have to cover shipping costs as well.) But just a few bucks more.

Here's the cover of Alpha Threat:

Alpha Threat Cover

We are working the cover to my newest creation Gravity Peril and will post that cover as soon as available.

Old News...


We so enjoyed our fantastic Western Caribbean cruise on the Allure of the Seas with Sherrie and Leo, Barbara and Bob, Jennifer and Guido, Bill, Nina and George, Stef and Rick, Lee and I and.  We all survived a full week of fun, food and frolic.  I can't remember when we have had such a great time!  You cannot imagine the beauty and the SIZE of the Allure of the Seas until you see her and get aboard.  She is truly the 8th Wonder of the World!  If you missed hearing and seeing about our cruise, here's a Direct Link to Our Allure of the Seas Pictures!