... The Mega Cruise with Our Friends!

"To The Extreme in 2013".

Here it is folks... THE cruise that you cannot miss! You can cruise the Western Caribbean in 2013 on this ship!

allureoftheseas The Allure of the Seas


Latest News...

Updated on: May 20, 2013 @ 9:00 am EDT

We cruise in weeks!!! It's Almost Here!

Time is flying by and we are now only weeks away from cruising the Allure of the Seas! We have 6 couples and families booked.

The "Allure Cruise Book" is now been mailed to all of those who have booked. This book is a "how to" go on a cruise on the Allure of the Seas. In PDF form, it discusses every step from booking the cruise until we return home. It includes lots of pictures, menus and information about all facets of the Allure and our week onboard. Each cruise couple will get a customized version to read and refer to as they embark on the greatest cruise vacation in the world! Hint... It looks fantastic on an iPad with iBooks!!!

Those who sailed with us on the Oasis last year received an "Oasis Cruise Book". They loved it. The Allure Cruise Book is even better!

We are all Doing the Doc Dance! - Monday, April 22, 2013

Last week we all received our cruise documents and luggage tags. Guys, this is now REAL! In one month we will be on the largest cruise ship in the world with our best friends and neighbors. I for one, can't wait! It is now time to get that bathing suit out of the drawer, buy a few new cruise clothes and try to figure how to carry so much in such few bags. Remember, pack only half of what you think you need.

Another Couple Books! - Thursday, September 19, 2012

Stefania and Rick Wade booked their cabin! They are on Deck 11 forward. The more the merrier!!

Another Couple Books! - Monday, June 11, 2012

Royal Caribbean ran a three day WOW sale and we now have SIX families booked and are on their way to a massive fun vacation aboard the Allure of the Seas. Our neighbors, Jennifer and Guido booked their cabin! They are on Deck 11 between Lee and I, Leo and Sherry, and Nina and George. I hear more folks will be signing aboard as well...

New... QR Code for Contact Info.

We added a QR (Quick Response) code readable by several QR readers in order for you to quickly capture the Allurecruise13 contact information.  You can get various apps for your iPhone and other PDAs to capture this information by just focusing your PDA camera on the QR code.  I use a free app on my iPhone, RedLaser to read and create these codes.  You see these code in magazines and newspapers and really one of the best ways to convey contact info.

Our Facebook Page.

A few weeks ago we established a Facebook page for our cruise.  You must be a friend to get there so just ask via email at allurecruise13@yahoo.com and we will invite you.  So you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to check our status.  If you are not a Facebook user yet, go to www.facebook.com and sign up for free.  Then ask to join our page as we move toward the best cruise in 2013!

Bookings.  WOW!

We fully expect more bookings now that we have a "core" group nailed down.  Come and join us!  The word is spreading between our friends and neighbors.  So far my count is about 10 more couples are interested and seriously considering cruising with us. 

New email address.

We have established a new email address for contacting our group.  I f you are interested in coming along, email us at allurecruise13@yahoo.com.  We need your Name(s), Address and email address.  No, we don't need any money yet.  We will send you the specific dates, etc.  We also will be sending out periodic updates and schedules as we move ahead toward the cruise.

New Twitter address.

We have also established a new Twitter address for our cruisers.  @Allurecruise13 is our Twitter address.  So you Twitter followers start following @Allurecruise13 to pickup our periodic quick messages.  If you are not a Twitterite yet, go to www.twitter.com and sign up for free.  Then follow us as we move toward the best cruise in 2013!  

This is our temporary web page.

This page is our temporary "To The Extreme in 2013" web page.  We will post all information here that we end out to our cruisers.  Please bookmark this page ad check it regularly for new stuff! 

General Information:

The Western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas. in June, 2013.

After the Dynamic Trio cruised the Oasis of the Seas in 2010, we all pledged to do it again as soon as we could.  We also pledged to get everyone else we could find, friends and family, to join us.  OK, here is the fulfillment of that pledge... the "To The Extreme in 2013" cruise!

Here we go again!!  After a monumental initial cruise on the Oasis of the Seas in April or 2010, we have decide to give it another whirl.  This time we are inviting EVERYONE to join us aboard the Allure of the Seas for a once in a lifetime, seven day cruise in the Western Caribbean Sea.  For seven days we will be awash in the ultimate cruise ship environment aboard one of the largest cruise ships in the world. 

The last time we took on the Eastern Caribbean.  St. Thomas and St. Martin will never be the same.  This time since we plan to have several new cruisers aboard (cruise virgins) we have chosen the Western Caribbean due to the calmer seas. 

We will be discovering Royal Caribbean’s private paradise in Labadee, Haiti, the home of the unbelievable Dragon’s Breath Flight Line – a flight line that begins on top of a mountain 500 feet above the Labadee beaches.  It ends 2,600 feet later after you zip at speeds of 40 to 50 mph down to Dragon’s Breath Rock on the beach.  If that is too much excitement, you can enjoy the pristine beaches where you can swim, snorkel, jet-ski or just lie there and do nothing.  There is an outdoor barbecue and drinks in abundance. 

We will then move along to Falmouth, Jamaica the newest cruise port in the Caribbean.  The first calls to this port were in February of 2011. Quaint Falmouth was an economic powerhouse during English Colonial rule.  Today visitors enjoy the 19th century architecture, arts & crafts and river bamboo boat rides.  This modern port of call has great facilities and so many activities; it will be hard for us to choose what to do. 

Our last port of call will be Cozumel, Mexico.  One of the absolute finest shopping ports in the Caribbean it is also a mecca for snorklers and those that love water sports.  This is a favorite port for most cruisers due to it wide variety of things to do, sailing, horseback riding, dolphin adventures, personal speed boats, golf or even a submarine! 

Those are our three ports we will visit.  Tucked in between those exciting land falls are three wonderful days cruising the gorgeous, blue Caribbean Sea aboard the most beautiful cruise ship in the world.  The Allure of the Seas is the largest cruise ship afloat.  She is literally floating destinations.  She is the ultimate feat of architecture and imagination.  With 16 decks encompassing seven distinct “neighborhoods”, the Allure is a marvel that you have to see to believe. Just ask Leo, one of our 2010, Oasis cruisers.  It was his first cruise and he was “blown away” by this ship.  I guarantee you will be too. 

The Allure is packed with things to do.  Adults have their own area forward on Decks fifteen and sixteen in the Solarium.  Kids have not only the Youth Zone – the largest dedicated youth area on ANY cruise ship - but there is also the Pool Zone with the Kid’s H2O Zone, cantilevered whirlpools, a zip line and the famous FlowRiders (not one but TWO of these) onboard surfing machines.  A total of 4 swimming pools and 10 whirlpools!  There are two towering rock walls, and two expansive sports courts for tennis and basketball. 

Amidst the 2,700 + staterooms, there are more varieties of eateries on the Allure than any in the world – more than 24.  There are tons of places to eat on this ship.  You want to eat… THIS is the place, 24 hours a day!

Most or the restaurants, cafes and buffets are free, or the cost is included in your cruise costs.  However there are several of the specialty restaurants that charge a dining fee from $3.95 per person to $35.00 per person.  The dining fees are actually not a charge for the food but tips for the staff that do not work in the other restaurants on the ship and therefore would not covered under the normal tipping procedure. Oh, and there is a 24-hour pizzeria and complementary 24-hour room service. 

You want entertainment?  The Allure has the most magnificent entertainment venues at sea.   They include the largest casino at sea, a 1,330-seat theater with real Broadway shows, Studio B with an indoor ice skating rink and more lounges and bars that we could count.  There is a Comedy Club with live comedians, an Aqua Theater with diving and water ballet.

The Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness center features Spa treatments body massages, hair and makeup services, fitness classes and more that 150 cardio and resistance machines and more. 

Do you want to join us?  We would love to have you join the “To the Extreme in 2013” cruise. 

Here’s the skinny…

We are now booking!  As of today we have seven families booked and more to come.  You still have plenty of time to discuss the cruise and make your pre-pre plans.  But we also know that the cabins are fast becoming booked.  For the cruise particulars, send us an e-mail at allurecruise13@yahoo.com. We have booked, the Allure of the Seas – sailing from Sunday to Sunday sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.   Again, please contact us for date and time specifics. 

Want to know more about the Allure of the Seas CLICK HERE.

Our Tentative Timeline...

March 2011 - September 2011: We are building our list of those that want to come along.  We have established an e-mail account, allurecruise13@yahoo.com to handle any questions, concerns or issues that may arise.  Our plans are to use this account to keep in touch with everyone, so make sure your e-mail system does not think this is spam and block it.  

October 2011 - April 2013: We will be actively booking cabins.  Upon booking Royal Caribbean asks for a deposit, usually about $250 per cabin.  The balance of the cost of your cruise will be due about 90 days before departure.  Any cancellation prior to final payment will result in a full refund.  Cancellation after final payment is on a declining scale (check the Royal Caribbean website for specific information. 

If you book well in advance, you may want to consider cruise travel insurance in case anything unforeseen comes up that causes you to miss the cruise.  Later in the year we will be holding periodic meetings and e-mail blasts to get to know everyone and discuss the fun we are going to have on our cruise. 

What is the best way to book?  There are several ways:

  • Book Through Your Travel Agent - If you have a trusted TA, by all means feel free to book your cruise through them.  They may be able to get some freebees such as deposit discounts or paid tips, etc. 
  • Book directly with Royal Caribbean - Call Royal Caribbean at (866) 562-7625 or go to the Royal Caribbean website, www.royal.caribbean.com, and have at it. 
  • Book Through an Online Travel Service/Agent - There are tons of these sites all over thin Internet.  If you have one that fits your bill, use 'em. 

However you book, ask the booking agent to link your reservation to our reservation.  You can get this information by contacting us at allurecruise13@yahoo.com. Linking to us ensures we can reserve things as a group IF we want to once we get aboard.  If you have any questions, just send me an e-mail and we can talk about the best way to book for you. 

This is the hardest part...waiting for our cruise.  We will also continue to meet, e-mail and plan for shore excursions and coordinate flights to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  For those who want to fly or drive down early, we will also help plan for hotel rooms.  If your want to stay a few days after the cruise, we can help with your planning as well. 

As an added plus, during this time those that are booked will be receiving a very nice Allure Cruise Book specifically put together for us.  Once it is ready, it will be e-mailed to you in PDF format.  It contains EVERYTHING you need to feel comfortable on this cruise, from booking to coming home. No matter if you are a cruise master or a cruise virgin, this book will help you get ready for the cruise of a lifetime. 

March 2013: Our final payments will be due.  Now it is real and pre-packing begins.

April 2013: We all do "the dock dance"!  We all receive our e-docs, begin printing our luggage tags, start packing and make final arrangements for getting to and from the airport or your final driving plans. 

June 2013: WE CRUISE!!

All of the above is a tentative timeline.  As we get closer, we will revise this schedule, talk about specific cabin needs and cabin locations and such issues as insurance, shore excursions, restaurant and show reservations and final travel plans.  If we have enough folks we also many be able to get Royal Caribbean to give us an area for an onboard party. 

So stay tuned to this site and we will guide you to the best cruise you will ever have.