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Our faith shows that the most important thing we have on this earth is our family. Both Lee and I were extremely fortunate in that we have parents that instilled this love of family in both of us. It is our job to instill it in our children and anyone else we can touch.

Lee's mother, Verda GeLee Otto Corley Hendrix was a Fellow with the National Genealogical Society. She was also a Certified Genealogist. So Lee comes to this by virtue of her mother who was a nationally known genealogist. Lee herself was no slouch either. She is a Certified Genealogical Records Researcher and holds the award for the best article published in the National Genealogical Magazine in 1996.

OK, so we have some good blood here. We can say we came upon this honestly. Most of our records can be found on You can sign in and search for Ronald Alfred Smoak and get all of the information we have placed there.

We are always interested in talking to anyone who wants to begin researching their family or finds that they are related to either Lee or I. Just contact us (see menu). We would love to talk with you.

We have been researching The Smoak Tramway.

I'll bet that you didn't know that the Smoak family was one of the first railway magnates in South Carolina if not the United States.  It's true!  One of my ancestors, Edmund T. R. Smoak as well as his father John S. Smoak created the Smoak Tramway in Branchville.  This narrow gauge line ran from E.T.R.'s lumber mill in Branchville into the Four Hole Swamp area to provide a way to get timber from the woods back to the mill.  The history of this railroad is fascinating. 

You can read more here. 

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We have updated many, many records and now have many lines way back into Europe.

News: We have found Annie Margaret Dukes grave!

A few weeks ago a lady from Alabama contacted us and wanted to talk about Annie Margaret Dukes, the wife of John Samuel Smoak. During the conversation she mentioned that she and her husband and a few friends were no their way to Dalton, GA to try to find the grave of Annie Dukes. She was going to take pictures and would send them my way if they found her grave. I told her I had been told stories that she died up near Dalton and was buried in a grave at the end of the Dalton Airport. Well, it turns out they went to the airport and told the folks there they were looking for a grave at the end of the runway. The airport folks took them around the perimeter road to the end of the runway and there was the marked grave of Annie Dukes! Here are a few pictures...

Annie Margaret Dukes Grave02 Annie Margaret Dukes Grave01

We also heard through the grapevine that Johan Georg Rauch's grave was found. That one may well be not true. We have always read that he was buried near St. Matthews, SC on the southern end of the Congaree Swamp. Now we are told his grave is in Smoak's SC. We will try to confirm this as soon as the weather cools a bit. Why you ask? Well, tromping through old cemeteries in the lower part of SC in the summertime will most likely guarantee seeing several rattlesnakes and copperheads if not getting bitten. So we wait until after the first frosts so the snakes are no longer out and about.