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This page contains some of the most odd and eclectic information that comes across our desk. Please enjoy this information and use it where you see fit.

"He said What??"

Sometimes things said innocently during a conversation are priceless. I recall a talk with a police officer who said "The best defense against rape is to beat off the attacker". I damn near fell out of my chair laughing when they realized that remark could be taken TWO ways!!!

Take This Dementia Test.

Sometimes we all wonder how well our minds works. Think you are pretty good "in the mind"? Try this test: Dementia Quiz.

The Norwegian Volunteer Fire Company.

I blatantly stole this from my friend J.D. (He's the one that owns the bar.) It is priceless. The Norwegian Volunteer Fire Company.

If I Had My Life to Live Over.

Erma Bombeck put her thoughts down on paper after learning she had cancer.  This is a MUST read for all of us. Just read this: If I Had My Life to Live Over.

How to wash a Cat...

I do not know about you, but I would NOT try this with my cat...  Take a look: How to Wash a Cat.


Butter is better for you than you may think.... Think not? Just read this: Pass the Butter... Please.

Universal Laws...

Ever wonder why things happen as they do? Yes, Matilda, there are Universal laws that control that. Just read this: Universal Laws.

Questions for All Time.

Huh? Some of these just make you scratch your head... Just read this: Questions for All Time.

Why We are All in Trouble.

Sometimes we all wonder, why the world is in such disarray. Here's a neat insight from a DC area travel agency that handles a large number of trips for U.S. Congressmen and their families. The agency is not identified; and you will soon see why.  Some of these are priceless! No partisanship here... just some seemingly dumb folks. Why We are All in Trouble.

Increase Recording Capacity on Your DIRECTV DVR or HD DVR.

OK, you have a DirecTV DVR or new HD DVR. Now more than ever you want to increase your storage. Here's how you do it, straight from DirecTV. Increase your DVR Storage.

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