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Who we are...

Both Lee and I are from Greenville, SC. Lee was born and raised there, and I moved there when I was in the sixth grade. So I spent my junior and senior high school days in Greenville. That's why I call it home as well.

We moved to Atlanta, GA in January of 1982 on a very snowy day. As we were packing in Greenville, it began to snow. By the time we got to Lee's sister, Lynne's home in Atlanta that night, there was nearly six inches of snow on the ground. I was driving our Datsun B210 and Lee and Christopher, who was 6 months old, drove our Ford Thunderbird. What a trip! It took more than 4 hours get to Lynne's after I got stuck and Lee got lost. So our moving day was quite event-filled. But the next day we moved into the house that we thought we would live in for five years. Little did we know that we would spent more than 20 years in the same house.

In the late summer of 1999, we decided to go out on a limb and build our dream house up just north of Atlanta. Lee found the perfect subdivision and I picked the perfect lot from the side of our new unpaved street. A lot that had views overlooking parts of our neighborhood and Lake Allatoona. We were ready to build! Our builder had a plan for a great house. But as we all do, we had to make a few changes to make it our own. So after moving the family room fireplace to the side of the room, we opened up the back of the room to take advantage of our view. We also added about two feet to the back of the first level bedroom to make it larger. And, again to take advantage of our rear view, we amassed four windows across the back of our master bedroom opening up a huge view of the rest of the neighborhood from our lofty perch. We watched our home be built all through the winter of 2000. In May of 2000, we moved in. The first morning we got up and walked out on the back deck and saw deer standing in our back yard. What a neat place to live.

Now not only do we regularly see deer, we have a a small group wild turkeys who roam our area.  I won't even mention the huge number off geese that live all around us in Lake Allatoona and many of our golf course lakes. 

We have now been here more than eleven years. We have turned the deck into a beautiful screened porch with a fireplace that has become the room we live in throughout most of the year. Now Lee has added a new deck so that we have the best of both worlds. 



From there we can watch the birds, rabbits, squirrels and the occasional deer, even one wild turkey! Our neighbors are great and life is great.

I'll add more here as time permits...