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The Ultimate Cruise Packing List

One of the biggest sources of consternation for new as well as many experienced cruisers is the massive question of "what to pack?" With the extra airline fee for baggage and the TSA and cruise line rules regarding what you can of cannot bring aboard an airplane of cruise ship, there is some room for panic.

But we can help!!

We have compiled a rather extensive packing list from all of our cruises as well as sneaked a few items off of other lists throughout the web. This list is large. But in no way do you have to take everything on the list. Let me say that again, you do not have to take everything on the list.

We have broken the list into several categories:

  • Before you leave - these are important tips for things you may want to do before you leave on your cruise.
  • The Basics - important items that are basic to your trip.
  • Miscellaneous - all of this could be left at home but adds to the enjoyment of your trip.
  • Cabin Items - this group varies widely. These are items that you may use in your cabin to make life a bit easier during your cruise.
  • Security Checked Items - items that must be in your checked baggage NOT your carry-ons. The TSA will confiscate these items if they find it in your carry-on bags.
  • Personal Items - pretty much your toiletries and other personal items.
  • Medicines - self explanatory, but include any prescriptions and other medical items.
  • For Her - a few very general suggestions for female cruisers. By no means a full list.
  • For Him - same thing. A good general list for males.
  • Items not to Carry - Items on this list are prohibited on most cruise ships and will be confiscated upon boarding. Yes, they will give them back but at the end of the cruise. It is best just not to try to bring them aboard since all luggage is scanned for these items and other contraband upon boarding. If they find these items in your bags, the bags will be sent to the Bad Bag room on the ship and will not be delivered to your cabin. You will have to go to the Bad Bag room and remove the items for the crew before they will release your bag. In addition to not being fun, it can be a bit embarrassing.

To download the Ultimate Cruise Packing List, simply click HERE.

This list is in PDF format to save space. You will need an Adobe PDF reader to read the list. The reader is free and can be downloaded at: