Our family pet pictures...

Family Pet Pictures

Here is a collection of some family pet pictures. We hope you enjoy what you see.

Pet Picture News...

For many years we had an adopted cat, Kanga. He was a stray cat that Christopher picked up and brought home when Christopher was about 7 years old. Kanga got his name because he was always walking up beside you and standing on his back legs to try to get you to pet him. This kangaroo like action got him his name. He was a good cat. At our old home in Marietta, he used to bring us dead animals all of the time. But sadly in 2008, we had to put Kanga down. His age, almost 18 years old, and his physical condition could not carry him any further. He has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Meanwhile, during our Forth of July trip to my parents in Branchville, SC, we found a very small 6 week-old yellow kitten that someone had literally thrown over the fence into my parent's yard. He was so small he fit into the palm of your hand. We decided to bring him home to give Kanga a friend. Thus Hobie, pronounced just like the Hobie Cat Sailboats became a member of the family.

So here are a few pictures of these two fine guys...

The Regal Kanga in 2007.

Peeking Hobie in 2009.

Wildman Hobie about to get into trouble in 2007.