... Plain and simple.

Our Security Policy...

We all live in a world full of security and privacy issues. We do not and will not be another point of contention in your world. Therefore, here is our security policy, plain and simple.

We do not collect any information regarding your visit to this site. If you would like to leave messages or e-mails at the appropriate areas of this site, we will:

  • Not share your information with anyone,
  • It will not be rented,
  • It will not be sold,
  • It will not be loaned,
  • It will not be transferred to any other party.
  • It will not reveal your personal information to any market research group or telemarketers,
  • Simply put we will strigently protect your information as it were ours.

We hate all that junk mail and those unsolicited phone calls during dinner as much as you do!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please Contact Us Here.