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Quotes of Thomas Jefferson.

Our third President of the United States was a great man who truly loved this new country and liberty.  Here are just a few of Thomas Jefferson's famous quotes.

Quotes of Stephen Wright.

One of the funniest comedians around, here are a few of Stephen Wright's quotes.

Quotes of Sir Winston Churchill.

Sir Winston Churchill was the former Prime Minister of England.  Here are a few of Sir Winston's quotes.

Quotes of George Carlin.

A comedian for all time, here are a few of George Carlin's quotes.

Quotes of Groucho Marx.

The great Grocho. Here are a few of Grocho Marx's quotes.

Quotes of Confucius.

The greatest of all Chinese philosophers.  Here are a few of Confucius' quotes.

Quotes of Anonymous.

Absolutely THE funniest of all quotemakers of all time, here are a few of Anonymous' quotes.